Hypocrites in Love

hypocriteSocial media is the word nowadays. The most popular product in the history of media. If you are not on Facebook or twitter, you are not smart enough to be friends with people. In this new race of intellectualism, no one wants to be left out. This a battle ground with no rules, you like it, you say it. To hell with people’s feelings and inclinations. The variety of topics are astonishing with “bharat mata ki jai” to Sunny leone. From cricket to politics or politics in crickets, a one stop shop for hateful sports and funny journalism.

People have found a new low on these sites as they are not there just to hail some friend on his birthday or appreciating someone’s promotion. The sole yearning of these intellectuals is to shatter their own previous standards/ records of hypocrisy by new ones. The game has evolved to an all new level with people having mutual admiration for each other’s hypocrisy. For e.g. X and Y both are ass holes in real life but they can be saints on Facebook. The noble part is that X and Y know each other in real life and also how pathetic they are, but still they admire each other’s fake ideologies on social media. So you see mutual respect for hypocrisy.

We have started appreciating people not on their individual merits but the quality of mockery they can produce with their post. People have even picked departments to spread this crap.  Some have religious leanings while some relish politics. Some consider themselves nationalist by posting reckless slogans while some think they are too intellectual to be umpired by these nationalists. The Einsteins and Pacinos of this market are celebrities with their own pages. Their long standing virtuous track record for sarcasm has attracted myriad of devotees. Now you just need to like their page and you will receive their daily fresh dose of sarcasm without probing. The whole idea behind this fish market folly is to ridicule the challengers thought, to disrespect his/her ideas and finally make him/her to surrender, apparently.   The social media platform has started to look like a bazaar where philosophies are products and people are salesmen, hard-working salesmen….

The country, the people have become desperate. Desperate to seek attention. The struggle on such social media sites reduced people to a profile pic or a dumb joke, they are sharing. You don’t matter if your post has no likes or your profile pic don’t appeal people. It’s a disease with no vaccination, a sickness with no cure. You are sick and so am I….  🙂



Haasid hain yahhan log, qadmon ko sahi rakhna

Iradey wasi aur lafzon main kami rakhna…..

Kirdaar  tumhain dega udaanein bohut oonchi

Onchayiyon kitni bhi hon, hathon main zameen rakhna…..

Kamzarfiyon pe hasne ka hai aaj kal chalan

Mushkil to hai zaroor par aankhon main nami rakhna…..

Jis raastey pe qadmon ka koi na ho nishaan

Ghabraana nahi bilkul bas paaon wahein rakhna…..

Aur benaam shayaron ka jahaan dher laga ho

Mera kalaam bhi wahein upar kahein rakhna…..



Ab teri hai baari….

Ghoom Ghoom ke dekhi hai hamney yeh duniya saari…
Paisa inka mazhab hai, ye hai kaisi beemaari….
Dil bhi yahaan par bikta hai, dilwaley hain vyapaari….
Isko maara usse cheena, ab teri hai baari….

Khoon main doobey haathon ko saaf kar liya fir bhi. …
Aaj naya kuch ho jaye, insaaf kar liya fir bhi….
Zara palat kar dekh yahan par laash padi hai kis ki…
Apna tera nikla hai to maarey kyun hai siski….

Bura yahaan jo karta hai woh bura kahaan paata hai….
Kaam yahaan kaisa bhi ho, bas daam bada hota hai…
Kahan gaya woh paath jo humko batlaata hai….
Jo bhi jaisa karta hai…. uske aagey aata hai


Let’s do some more worthless research


It is so astonishing when we look at most of the early philosophies, whether of development of civilization, development of humans as individuals or social creatures, we will find them to be similar in one way or the other. It’s so sad that so much of time, money and valuable thoughts were wasted on proving worthless conclusions. It’s hard to imagine that these so called scholars really put so much effort in their theories to prove phenomena totally identical and at the same time useless too.

For example let’s talk about Hegel’s theory for development of civilizations. In the theory, the noble scholar is trying to prove that every civilization goes through a process of filtration. In this process, the weaknesses and defects of a civilization are left behind and people move towards stronger and better civilizations. Put in simpler words, we can say that, civilizations keep on updating, so, if we 50 years back was civilization 1.0, then now its civilization 2.0. Through the test of times of our “So rightful history” Mr. Hegel proved that a past civilization only forwards stronger traits to the next civilization. I wonder if my NCERT history books which call Indian civilization to be the oldest can claim the same as Mr. Hegel has claimed… ooopps, let’s not talk about it.

Next Noble theory which can be analyzed here is one of the most popular theories of all times, breaking records of batman or Christopher Nolen or both put together. The theory is called Darwin’s theory of Evolution of species. Here the smart guy says that whole of the universe is a bloody battle field where stronger mortals are always going crazy to kill the weaker ones. So if you can’t struggle for survival, you are a dead man. The weaklings have no right to survive, whatsoever. It seems like Mr. Darwin dug a hole in a ground and buried all concepts like love, sacrifice, sympathy, cooperation, mercy, justice etc. Not only he personally nullified the above traits but also gave a scientific justification for his bloody theory. So now Strong can kill the weak and they can a scientific justification too… wow, good work sir.

The stupidity till now was not enough so people faced another noble theory by Mr. Marx. This new concept was regarding Marx’s concept of historical materialism. Here he proved that man is a creature who is meant for quarrelling and fighting only. Its in mans nature that he fights fellow men, until his needs and interests are satisfied. Humans basically are selfish and hence we see the divide in the forms of sects and, classes and cults. So it’s quite a natural phenomena and nothing can be done. In fact according to him, not participating in such a fight is quite unnatural.

So coming to the conclusion of all the 3 theories, Hegel put the world as a war zone of thought, Darwin put the same in context of nature and finally Marx garnished it with similar spices. I just wish people in those times had a photocopier so as to repeat the same thought again and again without wasting so much money and time.

Isnt this all amazing that what lengths men can go, just to prove the absence of god and life after death. To me it looks like the only reason. Amazing is also what these theories have given to this world. The gift of bloodshed, war and corruption are the only offering which comes to my mind when I think about these idiotic ideas. If you can just apply this article to your life in any way possible, then just stop doing pointless studies and research 😦

Syed Danish


Don’t die, it’s not the worst


It’s really disheartening to see how many people in the world are suffering from depression these days. It’s a really hot disorder which made an entry quite sensationally in the last few years. According to the psychiatrists (who are making a fortune out of it) the symptoms of the disorder are so vague sometimes that the person having it doesn’t even know about it. As per the stats, depression mostly affects youth. Economically speaking, high socio economic strata are the common victim of this disorder. Sometimes I wonder where it came from, as it’s not caused by a finite entity like a bacteria or virus. No cases are reported that a depressed person coughed or sneezed on a person and made him/her depressed too. Worldwide depression accounts for around 350 million cases, according to WHO, around 1 million people commit suicide every year, around 3000 deaths every day. Almost 1 million lives are lost yearly due to suicide, which translates to 3000 suicide deaths every day.

I am not here to tell that depression is a myth, because it’s not. Scientifically proven it’s a disorder which has affected people globally, and I really feel sorry about that.  Here I want to talk about sudden rash decisions taken by young people due to some petty loses. A little while back, I was reading about the increasing number of suicide rates among young people. Newspapers are full of news about how a high school girl kills herself due to bad grades or a college going boy hangs him as the girl he was in love with said no to his proposal. The doctors make a simple diagnosis that these people were going through depression and hence committed suicide. Obviously it’s simple to give the problem a name and run away from the whole thing. With all due respect to the differential diagnoses made by doctors and medical science, the thing which I have seen common among people committing suicides or going into severe depression is that they don’t expect bad things will ever happen to them. I personally think that people nowadays have a high standard of living and hence they never expect anything dreadful will ever happen to them. They live in a bubble which they think will never burst. Being positive is a very good thing but I think people are not prepared for the worst of conditions. Parenting plays a big part in it, as these care takers make their children believe that nothing bad will ever touch them and these parents are there to make sure of that.

I am just pissed of sometimes that why people don’t expect worse things to happen to them. I mean who give them this assurance of a blissful life. Presidents die, celebrities get cancers, planes crash, and all sort of bad things happen to people every day. I mean just think that what is a probability of a president getting shot in comparison to Nina not getting good grades….!!!! Can we even compare that  ? But still people are taken by total surprise by the smallest of the bad things happening. These are some random stats of dreadful things happening to people globally:

  • 3,500 people die every day in traffic-related incidents and 50 million are injured every year on the world’s roads.
  • Cardiovascular diseases killed nearly 17 million people in a year
  • Every 20 minutes a women is raped in India… just India, think about global ?
  • 1 million people killed by tuberculosis  in a year
  • Non Communicable disease kill 36 million people in a year
  • Tobacco use kill 1 in 10 adults worldwide
  • 280000 maternal deaths due to pregnancy related problems in a year
  • 6.9 million children die before seeing their 5th birthday
  • The sad part is that I can still go on……

The above data is taken from WHO, so chill, it’s true. So now seeing the number of people losing their lives every day/every year, what do you think, how bad is the rejection of your stinky proposal by your cute classmate.  Please be realistic and while you are striving for good things to happen to you, also expect bad things. 

By Syed Danish


You are not a concerned friend, you are bloody rude…


Few days back, at my workplace I saw people joking about each others wives by saying some offensive things but in a cute humorous way. I could clearly see that the guy receiving the jokes was not comfortable at all, but he has to play along as it’s the new “IN THING” or else he was not cool enough. I don’t now, but nowadays it is becoming quite a fashionable thing to say whatever people like no matter how rude and hurtful it is and then patch it up by saying that they were just being true/funny. The only true thing about this pathetic lie is that it has nothing to do with truth or the so called reality check by these concerned friends. Hurting feelings, is the new in thing. It’s a bloody dance on the corpse of mannerism. People just don’t give damn about what they are saying, to whom they are saying and where they are saying it. It doesn’t matter to them if its about your looks, your belief, your religion or even your relatives. There is always a pathetic joke waiting for the situation. I am not saying people should lie or hide giving a reality check where it’s required, but still, there are ways of saying things and also there are limits to which one can go.

The truth is that such truth mongers are not your concerned friends who really wants to give you a reality check. They are just rude and frustrated people who by this sarcasm get a certain “high” which they immensely enjoy. Sometimes, they confuse you by saying that such reality check is required because one should face the truth, but it’s a blatant lie.. Lets for a while imagine a day where you are going to say 100% truth, no matter how harsh or rude it sounds and see if this so called truth telling philosophy can stand this trial.

Here I am putting a married, job doing guy as a subject, as most of my readers are. Let’s begin with the morning tea/coffee and breakfast. As you take the very first sip of your tea or coffee, you tell your wife that the tea is pathetic and even the eggs are overcooked and right in front of her threw the breakfast in the dustbin, which will perfectly ruin her day. Before leaving the home you went to say bye to your mom and dad as per the dumb ritual. Your mom had something in mind to tell you, which she has just forgotten and is trying to remember as you are getting late. So you clearly mention to them that they are old and its natural to go nuts in this age, you requested them not to waste your time as anyway whatever they are going to say must be unimportant. Leaving the door you kissed your wife and told her that her breath has garlic on it and from now on you are dropping the idea of kissing her every morning as you leave. Happily smiling you left the house. On the way your old neighbor waved at you to whom you loudly replied that you don’t give a shit and Anyways, why on earth he is still alive, he should have been dead by the third stroke he had last year.

While waiting for the bus, a beggar came towards you asking for some money. You told the beggar that you have the money, but you don’t want to give it to him. You even took out a coin from your pocket and threw that in a pond near you, just to prove your point. As you’re about to get on your bus you kicked the beggars crutches because you always thought his legs were totally fine and waved back at him with a grin as he cursed you. You reached your office and didn’t reply to anyone who greeted you. Straight you went into your boss’s office and told him that you are not being paid enough and you don’t like his face too. You think he is fat and eats during working hours, you also mentioned that he should not be the boss as he doesn’t deserve it, his jokes too are totally bland and you have to laugh at them just because of his authority. As you reached your desk, you open your computer and updated your status on Facebook that your office mate are dumb and they don’t even know that you play games and do Facebook all day long. You somehow passed your time till the evening and started clearing your desk as you must be fired by now. Just before leaving office you mailed your candy crush high score to all your office members, including your boss, you also gave a separate mail to the HR lady telling her that she is fat and ugly and must stop using cheap perfumes as they were not helping.

Finally, you came home and told your wife that you have left the job and have no idea what will happen now. Totally ignoring the questions of other house members you took some ice cream from the fridge and start watching cricket match and also asked your wife to serve dinner right there in the living room and she can eat with your parents.

Hmm…. Now I don’t even want to think that how much you will lose in a single day, if you act like this, and if the so called truth telling philosophy is put to trial on this particular typical day test, it will surely fall on its face. Truth telling is nice, but don’t forget to have some manners and don’t discuss things which are too personal to people. So next time if your so called concerned friend is trying to give you a reality check… ask him to roll his concern nicely and shove it up…..

Syed Danish