To Raafidhah (Rejectionists) with Love…..

As Saba arrived with a vicious intention
The rejectionists claim there pious volition
The rogue alleged his love for the lion
And lofted his rank to someone divine

You strained Zayd to deny the truth
Praise to the sturdy and virtuous youth
He never swayed to your filthy tricks
Stood with candor, deserting the pricks

You say that the truth is At-Tajseem
And allied the creator to the lesser beings
You refuse to see Him clear as moon
As the world ends, on the day of doom

Woe to you who doubt the Book
Pledge of which The Guardian took
So clear the book has signs for those
Who wish to give it a sincere look

You have gone against the divine decree
And refused to accept the prophecy
You seem so comic when you cry
That all were liars, accept the three..!!

You are no diverse from People who whine
That kingship belongs to David’s line
In fact, they are better as they accept
There leaders companions were nice and fine.

Infallibility has become a word of delight
Contrast your leaders with the flawless might
Repent now as the time is close
Repent now …O Raffidites….



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