Colors in Disguise…

Actually it happened yesterday. Its not something new which happened but still i think after watching it for a long time, i should write something about it. Its stuck right in my throat and i feel i should throw it out. the time i was coming from my office, it was around 6 in the evening . just took my bike out and was on my way to home. this is what i do everyday. first want to make it very clear that this article is not to insult anyone’s feelings, it is just what i think. so the first turn i took after coming out of my office, i saw a rickshaw, and a girl sitting on it. A complete Burka clad girl, with not an inch of skin which can be seen, except her face. its true that i intentionally kept my eye on her for a while. She looked good….., infact she looked awesome. i know i am not supposed to be saying this, but come on its a blog….isnt it…!!!!. the thing to ponder is that i dont do such stuff very often. i also dont call people irresistible so easily, not an attitude problem. but u can call it my rule that , i dont give consolations. anyways the thing is why i am calling her so irresistible..????. and how do i know that she was looking so great. a simple answer for that….. she was looking great. 

Now coming to root…. i always have heard and known that burkas or veil are something which are used to hide stuff….u know what i am saying. it is something to repel what guys are looking for. its a sign which strictly and clearly tells that “I am not available”. How can you look so adorable while wearing it….!!!!!. Now lemme describe the dress for you, so first of all it was tight, and when i say tight. i mean really tight. Every curve and every lining of the garments she was wearing inside was so damn visible. Her Sleeves were so beautifully decorated with sparkling colors that they deserved five minutes for them , alone. the way she was sitting on the rickshaw, i was able to see her ankles being wrapped by a narrow bottom denim jeans. but the show stopper was her scarf. i mean …come on..!!. such a beautiful blue color scarf, with a fading shade, wrapped around her head in an unusually attractive way. The Circular face peeping from that scarf was also telling a story of work and make up done for about an hour. Eyes beautiful circled by the kohl (Kajal), looking so distinct that it felt they knew to find there way in a crowd.

I think i have told you enough about it. You will be surely thinking that i am enjoying it. The truth is i am not… In fact in a way i was sad to see the girl. a classic example of a confused youth. She was trying to make it a win-win situation. The time she was proving herself to be religious at that very moment, didn’t want to be left behind on fashion. she wanted to be seen and being adored at the same time when she was hiding herself. I mean how can this be possible. you can not do both at the same time. Sometimes i feel that such situations are the most dangerous. usually people decide things in right and wrong. religious and non religious. its a matter of choice what people choose. Sometimes we just take a middle path, which gives us a feel of a win-win situation, but surely lead us nowhere. To defeat the enemy first we should know the enemy. So if , some where one thinks that she has to hide her elf by wearing a burka or veil, then it must be done by the rule book. 

i cannot write this blog and not write this blog at the same time. So with due respect to the sisters……..“You can not expose and hide yourself at the same time.”


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