Yes its about the month September  I never knew that i would lost so much in this month. September 2012, I came in Delhi and the world changed for me. things initially looked very beautiful. It was like i have defeated the monotonous life i had in Aligarh (my city). But it was no that true, there was a lot to unfurl  People say that things which happen in life are for good, as god wants only good for you. I believe so but still, it hurts when u lose anyone or anything. the games life play with us sometimes are so brutal, that we can not believe that all of this is coming from the Al mighty, the one with infinite love and mercy. But still, it must have something good for me, what is it , i still need to look for.

I lost a very dear friend first , the one whom i loved very much. I was thinking that i was making things right for him, but it was not what was happening, actually i was killing our friendship. Sometimes people think they can make everything fine, but its not true. we should never underestimate the destiny and the circumstances. We cannot control them , they control us. and we should understand and accept it. Humans are weak, in fact the weakest. the things which makes us strong also is the reason for our weakness and that is “analysis”. I think this trait given to humans by god is something which we can not handle. we over do the skill provided and then we cry and curse this skill of ours. But still whats gone can not com back with the same essence with which it was present earlier  even if it comes back, some part of it dies for ever. the same i think about my friend with whom i am not in talking terms, or in fact in any terms. We both have reasons for the way we reacted which act as a wall to unite us again. the reasons which will never fall. At least not mine. I know, You must be thinking that i am a stubborn guy who wont take back what he has done, but its not totally true and yes, some part of it is true, otherwise i wouldn’t have been writing this.