The Optional Title

Yes its true, the title is “The optional Title”. Actually I was thinking about giving a title name initially but after a while, I concluded that there is no need of it. People don’t give a damn about the title. The only thing which makes them bring to a halt and think is a story which is different from normal or totally weird. So you can give any name you like as a title 🙂

Anyways, few days back while I was surfing channels, I saw two very important news reports on a news channel. First one was regarding rape case of a five year old and second was about Chennai super kings beating the shit out of the opposite team. The thing which struck me was “how a person is supposed to react in these two different scenarios?” is this news equally important for everyone or only for few. Do people really think that they should be doing something about such horrifying acts like rapes or killings or they just think that it’s an obvious thing to be shown on a news channel? Or the good news gets mixed up with the bad one and gets neutralized. What is the real impact of such information on our minds, what role they play in relation to our psychologies? Or have we become NEWS PROOF..!!!

Desolately somewhere it’s true that media/news/newspaper article don’t startle us as the way they use to. We all know that the time since we came to our creative senses so we can understand television or media, we watched such news and events on the television or print media which led to down regulation of our “Crisis Receptors”. Some where we know what to expect from news channels and print media. We spend our evenings watching television and consuming all sorts of media products and forget that at the same time we are getting programmed. Programmed to feel good about few things, bad about others and totally numb about the remaining, just by mere creativity of advertising professionals. Everything is optimized from music, colors and even mood. If you want a girl, you should drink thumps up, If you want more girls use a particular deodorant and so on. If you don’t take a loan and get a big house you will be among poor people, your wife will die of tuberculosis and you won’t be able to educate your son and neither your daughter will get married ever. People confuse such things with entertainment and often think that such flukes will not harm them, but sadly they come with a price, a price which makes us think like the way they want, or getting controlled.

The practice takes few years but eventually media comes to power when it make us dance to the tune it wants and at the same time make us insensitive regarding other issues, as in the case of painful events like rapes and murders.  When we see us as a final product we can happily say that the media has succeeded in making us what it wanted.


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