The Optional Title


Yes its true, the title is “The optional Title”. Actually I was thinking about giving a title name initially but after a while, I concluded that there is no need of it. People don’t give a damn about the title. The only thing which makes them bring to a halt and think is a story which is different from normal or totally weird. So you can give any name you like as a title 

Anyways, few days back while I was surfing channels, I saw two very important news reports on a news channel. First one was regarding rape case of a five year old and second was about Chennai super kings beating the shit out of the opposite team. The thing which struck me was “how a person is supposed to react in these two different scenarios?” is this news equally important for everyone or only for few. Do people really think that they should be doing something about such horrifying acts like rapes or killings or they just think that it’s an obvious thing to be shown on a news channel? Or the good news gets mixed up with the bad one and gets neutralized. What is the real impact of such information on our minds, what role they play in relation to our psychologies? Or have we become NEWS PROOF..!!!

Desolately somewhere it’s true that media/news/newspaper article don’t startle us as the way they use to. We all know that the time since we came to our creative senses so we can understand television or media, we watched such news and events on the television or print media which led to down regulation of our “Crisis Receptors”. Some where we know what to expect from news channels and print media. We spend our evenings watching television and consuming all sorts of media products and forget that at the same time we are getting programmed. Programmed to feel good about few things, bad about others and totally numb about the remaining just by mere creativity of advertising professionals. Everything is optimized from music, colors and even mood. If you want a girl, you should drink thumps up, If you want more girls use a particular deodorant and so on. If you don’t take a loan and get a big house you will be among poor people, your wife will die of tuberculosis and you won’t be able to educate your son and neither your daughter will get married ever. People confuse such things with entertainment and often think that such flukes will not harm them, but sadly they come with a price, a price which makes us think like the way they want, or getting controlled.

The practice takes few years but eventually media comes to power when it make us dance to the tune it wants and at the same time make us insensitive regarding other issues, as in the case of painful events like rapes and murders.  When we see us as a final product we can happily say that the media has succeeded in making us what it wanted.



Death Served as Mid Day Meal……

The Midday Meal Scheme started in the 1960s, involved free midday_meal_2_1374063009_540x540lunch provision in schools during the working days. The basic objective of the program was to increase the participation of children to school and also to give them at least one good nutritious meal of a day, increasing socialization and breaking the barriers of caste and creed and religion by kids taking meals together and also by providing employment to women.

As the Scheme proved to be effective initially, later the distribution of contract of Midday meal scheme became one of the most corrupt practices in India, leading its way to the top notch scams.

In the year 2006, Police Department of Delhi exposed a scam regarding Midday Meal Scheme. In the previous year the police have ceased around 8 truckloads of rice which was meant to reach primary school children. The rice was being carried from Food Corporation of India go downs in Bulandshahar district (Uttar Pradesh) to North Delhi. Later it was found that a local NGO was involved named Bharatiya Manav Kalyan Parishad with consent from government officials.

In November 2006, again some group of teachers was involved in Pembong Village under Mim Tea estate (near Darjeeling). The villagers complained that the students of the school had not receive the mid day meal from around 18 months.  In December 2006, again a similar incident happened where fake attendance were being taken in the school just to exaggerate the number of students and hence more meals going to undeserved bellies.

Latest, On 16 July 2013 around 47 students from the school fell ill after having the Mid Day Meal in Chapra, village Dharmasati Gandaman Bihar. Within 24 hours the deadly poison in the meal killed 22 students, while other affected students are critically ill.  The state education minister has already asked for the preliminary investigation which indicated the presence of monocrotophos, a highly poisonous organophosphate insecticide.

To make the achievements look more bright and shiny, a report as part Global Hunger Index 2009 makes India stand at 65 out of 84 of the total countries. A 2008 report says that India has more people suffering hunger – a figure above 200 million – than any other country in the world.

It’s really sad that we live in a country which boasts regarding eradication of many diseases like polio and chicken pox and what not….and still has numerous cases of unsafe water drinking fatalities and poisoned mid day meals. The children who come to school in search of affordable education and supposedly nutritious food, mostly end up in hospitals if not dead by eating the same. If this is the scenario, they were better hungry than being served.

By Dr Syed Danish


Some poetries of mine…just saving them in my notes so they may not get lost….


Key aakey baitha hi tha kehney lagi mujhsey zameen,

zara sa let lo aaraam hi mil jaye kahin,

suna hai tooney badey talkh waqt dekhay hain,

suna hai Sabr hai kya tujhko yeh guman hi nahin…



Aaj phir haath ye baithey hain qalam ko ghairey,

raat sotey huey kehti hai bhula do chehrey,

waisey aadat to nahi hai mujhey ruk jaaney ki,

 kya karoon dard hi bharta hai zakhm ko merey….



Nam o nishan dede tera koi mujhey ab lakar,

mehfilon main bhi hun tanha kya karoon main aakar,

jinki aaghosh main sadiyan si guzaaree the hamne,

woh bhi kehtey hain aaraam karo ghar jaakar….



Neend bhi thak Har ke ab maangti duhai hai,

raat par raham kar yeh keh rahi beenayi hai,

Tu hi kar faisla yeh baat ghalat hai ki nahi,

kya bulaya tha Jo Teri yaad chali aayi hai….



Haal kuch aisa tha kartey to bayan kya kartey

Dundhli kamzor si yadon ko rawaan kya kartey

Khud ko bujhtey hue dekha to humain yaad aaya

 Aaj tum paas jo hotey to chiraghaan kartey


Qafila chhoot gaya, himmatain tamam hui

hum bhi ab ruk gaye dekha jo thodi shaam hui

paon ki mohron ko dhoonda to palat kar hans diye

ek faqat ummeed thi woh aandhiyon key naam hui……


Shartain kuch khel ki aisein thein gila, kya karna

Humney manga tha jo humko na mila, kya karna

Ab yahi soch kar mainey bhi shikasti chun li

Yahi hai daur main momin ka sila, kya karna…..


Rooth kar baith gaya hai tu bhala kyon danish.

Kaun hai aaj yahaan tujh ko mananey wala…..


Khwahishain itni thein ke khud hi sharamsaar hue……

Kaun sa rung tha jis ke na talabgaar hue…….

Haya ko baich kar Jo dost Kuch khareeday they…..

Mila Jo mauqa unhain, wo bhi kahin faraar hue…..


Besabab Soch kar tuney hai nazar kyon pheri…..

Shahar veeran hai Aur uspe berukhi teri……

Ab to Bas qafiye milataa Hun…

Jaaney koi le gaya shayari meri……


Shart rakh kar mujhsey boley ab zara has ke dikha….

Aansoo gar jo gir gaya to soch ley apni saza……

Saude baazi dekh kar samjha hun ab tera usool….

Chit bhi teri, pat bhi teri, sikka terey baap ka…..


chand aaonsoo jo bachaye ke mileygii maghfirat…………….

woh bhi sanam ki yaad key sadqey main beh gaye………….


karkey woh bhool gaya waadey wafa ke saarey……

Ek hum hain ki bhooley nahi dhoka uska….


raat key teejay peher hum jo achanak se uthey……..

waqt ki kitaab se kuch warq ghayab se dikhey……

ek lamha yeh hua ehsaas key sab theek hai……

raat bhar phir jaaney kyon, kis baat par hastey rahey…


Shayari hans ke yeh boli zara ek baat bata…….

Raat kaafi hai, qalam chor aur mujhko na sata….

Roz ka khel nahi hai ki nai aamad ho……

Aaj dil gham se bhi khaali hai yeh hai tujhko pata…..


Jo Ankhon ki tareef they kartey rehtey….

Ujaaley ka mujh se watan poochtey hain…


Kahan tak hai rasta , kahan par hai manzil….

yeh pairon main uth tey waram poochtey hain….


kab tak likhogay zulm ki kahani….

siyaahi se uskey qalam poochtey hain….


Sabr se Mainey , kabhi Sabr ne mujhsey na kaha…

Kya wajah thi ki terey zulm ko har bar saha…

Bas yahi Soch kar har bar qalam rukta hai….

kya Khabar likhney hi baitha ho mera yaar wahan…..


Meri Paband Koshish hai tujhey har din bhulaaoon main….

Bohut takleef deti hai yeh Pabandi meri mujhko……


Ke maazi ko talashoon main nahi aadat hai yeh meri… 

Kabhi Achcha sa lagta hai khudi se rubaroo hona……


saathi bhi sab bichadd gaye, ab to khayal kar…..

ya khwahishon ne saari hayaa baich khai hai…


Be rabta hua bhi to andaaz daikhiye…

Bola ki teri gharz thi ratoon ko jaagna….


Kal kuch aisi ajab shakal daikhi…

Maano chalti hui ghazal daikhi….


Jahaan pe khatm hua jaakey husn o jamaal

Kal kuch aisii hi ek pehel daikhi….


Zulmon o sitam key jaam ko apney na talaf kar…

Pyaley main mere sabr ke koi jagah nahi…..


bas yahi soch kar kamiyon ko teri bhoolta hun….

key imtihaan mairii khoobiyon ka hai shaayad….


mujhey samjhney ka dawah bhi kar diya usney…

aur phir pyaar se bola ki maajra kya hai…..


gul gaya, gulshan gaya aur gayi binaii bhi….

aaj to shikway ke laayaq bhi nahi hain doorian……


Dhoka diya nigah ko tawajjo ne aaj fir…..,

 dushman ko janta nahin, badla kya khaaq lun…


Mujhko talaash karta hai woh aisey sheher main…..

Rastey bhi thak chukey hain mujhey dhoond kar jahaan….


Jagtey hi aaj jaaney kyon Aankhon main hai chubhan….

Lagta hai khwaab phir koi poora na ho saka……


mujhko khabar nahin hai lamhon ki aajkal…

woh mangney hisaab sadiyon ka aa gaye…


Jashn e bahar poochey to ye dena ittila……

khamoshiyon ke saath hun masroof aajkal….


Saari sayahi raat ki yadon main kar ke faut……

Khoon e Jigar se khwaab qalam band kar liya…..


Ab maut ko bhi soch kar aata nahi hai khaauf….

teri saza ne mujhko kuch aisey badal diya…


Quwwat main meri sabr hai, woh kar raha hun main…..

fitrat main teri zulm tha jo tooney kar diya…..


Ek Aansoo tha faqat jo merey saath tha rehta…..

In raet key logon ne wo bhi jazb kar liya…..


jab bhi aankhon se sunayi to tum mere they….

aaj boley ho to lagta hai kahani kya hai……


Kar na ek sa rehney ki zid tu yun danish…….

jo nahi badla usey waqt ne mita dala….

Jashn kaisey karega hukmarani ka ye ab na soch…..
Sharam jo thodi baaqi thi usi ko aag dikhla de…


Nobody Stays…


Sometimes I wonder who killed humanity

Love is bleeding and forgotten serenity

World is so happy for reasons unknown

Devil is laughing on the corpse of divinity…


Sometimes I wonder who killed humanity

Love is bleeding and forgotten serenity…


There was no time you cried with hunger

Life was so easy, dont you remember

Sightless you were to deny there suffering

Standing in valor with no sign of anger…


Sometimes I wonder who killed humanity

Love is bleeding and forgotten serenity…


You think that no one will question your ways

Beware as Someone is counting your days

The time is so near to snatch your smile

The game has a rule that… “nobody stays”….


Dreams & Smiles


Sometimes I wish to go some place

Where I can found a worthy solace

Wind so subtle that I may breath

Makes me smile, it strikes my face


Streams of river roaring with life

Where nature defies Darwin’s strife

Green is the land as far you see

And scorch of the sun is not so rife


Left in wonder doubting my plan

I am still standing where I began

This time I just won’t settle for less

This time I just won’t miss my clan




Waqt ko thaam lun , ya waqt ke saath chaloon

manaaoon jashn ya bas karkey main malaal chaloon


Suna hai maangti hai khoon sab se aazaadi

Kay bhar kay kab talak main haath main gulaal chaloon


Sharam, Lihaaz ki chaadar bhi cheen li mujhsey

Aur woh chaahtey hain main ho ke bemisaal chaloon


Watan ki dekh key haalat ye ab samajh aaya

Jawaab saaf hai, ab karta kya sawaal chaloon


Nafs ne aaj phir yun kashmakash main daala hai

Qatl Maazi ka karoon, ya ley key apna haal chaloon 




khasta hai ab yeh makaan log sabhi kehtey hain…..

naqsha hi sirf bacha hai teri taameer ka……

kufr jab dekhega to tujh ko khuda samjehga….

Paththaroon main kahan koi rukn hai takfeer ka…….

Jab bhi dekhey tujhey mayoosi bhi sharmaati hai…..

kya koi le gaya hissa teri jaageer ka…………

sar pe hai jung aur haath hain khaali terey………….

Koi matlab to batao isey Shamsheer ka…………..