To Chacha Chowdhary with Love

Dear Sir,

Today I felt to open my heart and remember you the way I use to when I was a kid. You must be thinking I forgot you, but it’s not true. I can never forget the person who brought creativity to my life. I have grown up with you. Today I want to thank you for your hard work and inspiring stories which you gave me. I still remember the days when I use to crave to read about every new adventure of yours. The rules in my house slowed me down to know you better, as I was only allowed to buy a single comic every month. Thanks to the people who use to give me comics on rent. As I have grown up, I have shared my love with many things and people, but my love for and respect for you remains the same. There were times when you were my only friend and teacher at the same time.

Your attire always had some wisdom attached to it. The red turban, a wooden stick (which use to perfect weapon at times of dire need) and your double pocket waistcoat, were all not less than a fashion statement to me. You taught people to trust each other, as every reader of yours knew that you never locked your house when you went out. I wonder why people could not trust each other like you did. You held my hand in times when we there was no facebook, twitter or any social networking sites as a matter of fact. If the computer was talked about in those times, was only when it was compared to your brain. When the footnotes said “ Chacha Chowdhary’s brain is faster than a computer”, those were the times which made me wonder how fast a computer can work or think. It’s a pity that people have forgotten you for the same machine.

I thank you for consistently teaching me in my younger days, even on days when you weren’t in the highest of spirits. I never heard a complaint from you.  I thank you for being so motivated in telling your stories and adventures even when the crowd of your fans vanished into the world of technology and gadgets. You can’t imagine your impact on my life. You were the one who taught me right from wrong, truth from lies, patience and reasoning.  

I want to thank Binni Chachi (your wife), who took care of the household, when you brought us your adventures. It would have been impossible without her. I can only imagine the uphill struggle and tiring hard work she put in making those immensely big meals for Sabu. I thank Sabu to help you in the dire situations, you needed him. I wish you can come again and amaze us with your enthralling adventures. You just take good care of yourself, as you must be older and wiser now. I will always love you.

Give my respect and love to Binni, Sabu and rocket.

Your best fan and admirer





Its really funny the way the words are being used and pondered over and over again. the vocabulary games have made people blind. People are getting so much interested in terms that they have forgotten the real meaning behind the words. We can take the example of Arab Israel Conflict, the crazy dictionary mongers have made this whole scenario so alien from the reach of most of the people by just using so many words for a single situation or event or massacre or situation or occupation or conflict… (see…this happens when you play with words 😛 ). The cherished vault of words consist of terms like, Jewish, anti Jewish, Semite, anti semite, Zionist, Antizionist, Israel lovers and haters. I am so damn sure that , around 70% of the people dont even know the meaning of these words.And then come the people who are considered to be an intellectual class and they advise to use words like “Arab Israel Conflict”. My heart just bleeds from pain when i see intelligent and influential people wasting there time in just advising people to use the correct vocabulary for correct things. It sucks….

Why the hell you are worried about the vocabulary or anything. Discuss the matter ,,damn it….!!!!!. We cant waste our time in thinking about the vocabulary all the time. Read the conflict and about the sufferings of Palestinians and the illegal occupation of Palestine by Israelis. Once you are done with the reading, just stand up and get the word out. I know you have great command over the language,

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War of Words

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Crowned Slaves


Sometimes I wonder it’s the same country which once Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of. Our country, India known for its biggest democratic system and versatile population still begs for answers, answers to questions we fear to ask. I just open my eyes and see a beautifully decorated concep

t of democracy everywhere, but when it comes to actual democracy, the nation fails miserably. I a

m not talking here about the big statistical figures and data which compare our country to other nations and finally prove that we are doing fine. When I see around, I don’t see “fine”. I see failure of the system as a whole.

One of the eminent books written by Mahatma Gandhi is “Hind Swaraj” published in 1909. In the book he mentioned reasons and solutions for the Indian misery. As he quotes “…It is Swaraj when we learn to rule ourselves. It is, therefore, in the palm of our hands. Do not consider this Swaraj to be like a dream. There is no idea of sitting still. The Swaraj that I wish to picture is such that, after we have once realized it, we shall endeavor to the end of our life time to persuade other to do likewise. But such Swaraj has to be experienced, for each one for himself. One Drowning man will never save another. Slaves ourselves, it would be mere pretension to think of freeing others…..”

In this book, Gandhi Ji mentioned many problems at that time i.e. 1909, when our country was being ruled by Englishmen. The problems were related to Education, Railways, Advocates and advocacy, health system and doctors etc. The fact which I came through was painfully shocking after seeing that the basic problems before the freedom and now are not different. The change is just, the people who were ruling us. Before 1947, we were ruled by British and now the place has been taken by some of our own. At the time of British rule, rich were getting good education, healthcare, security and the poor were deprived of the same. Indian rich class was as comfortable then as now. The poor were dying of hunger, no healthcare and poverty and the scenario is no different now. We don’t need to compare ourselves to countries like Somalia, to boast that we are doing well; we just can compare the metropolitan cities, which are few in number to the vast majority of rural India, to know the discrepancies in terms of economy, healthcare etc.   Obviously, things have changed, but have they changed to an extent of utmost satisfaction?

As Mahatma Gandhi said “…One Drowning man will never save another. Slaves ourselves, it would be mere pretension to think of freeing others…..” The point to contemplate is what nature of slavery is being discussed here? Is it the literal “master and slave” slavery or the slavery of opinions? If it’s the literal slavery then why our situation hasn’t changed since the freedom of our country? The current shape of the nation clearly describes about the form of slavery we all live in. ”The slavery we don’t know about. The slavery which has crept into our lives and our hearts and we dread questioning it coz we fear the consequences. The slavery which not only impedes us to act on which is right and wrong, but also stop us to even mention it from our tongues. It’s time we ask ourselves questions, the answers to which the nation demand. The answers to which we know but pretend as we don’t. It’s time to do the right thing…..

Syed Danish