Its really funny the way the words are being used and pondered over and over again. the vocabulary games have made people blind. People are getting so much interested in terms that they have forgotten the real meaning behind the words. We can take the example of Arab Israel Conflict, the crazy dictionary mongers have made this whole scenario so alien from the reach of most of the people by just using so many words for a single situation or event or massacre or situation or occupation or conflict… (see…this happens when you play with words 😛 ). The cherished vault of words consist of terms like, Jewish, anti Jewish, Semite, anti semite, Zionist, Antizionist, Israel lovers and haters. I am so damn sure that , around 70% of the people dont even know the meaning of these words.And then come the people who are considered to be an intellectual class and they advise to use words like “Arab Israel Conflict”. My heart just bleeds from pain when i see intelligent and influential people wasting there time in just advising people to use the correct vocabulary for correct things. It sucks….

Why the hell you are worried about the vocabulary or anything. Discuss the matter ,,damn it….!!!!!. We cant waste our time in thinking about the vocabulary all the time. Read the conflict and about the sufferings of Palestinians and the illegal occupation of Palestine by Israelis. Once you are done with the reading, just stand up and get the word out. I know you have great command over the language,

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War of Words


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