“Yes..Jenny!!!! you cant stay late outside with your friends”  “Why Daddy..????.  Because I am saying so..!!!!   Hmmmm… so what it looks like? It looks like to me that the rights of Jenny are violated. What’s new…? Isn’t this what happens all the time. So what we should do about it ?   And that was the moment a solution came out from the Pandora’s box…. Ohh look it’s so cute..!!! We should keep it and cherish it all our lives. Wait…!!!! We should give it a pretty name first. Let’s call it FEMINISM.

This is actually not the way the how feminism was born, not even close. We are not here to talk about what is the history of it and how some utopian socialist or French philosophers gave birth to it. Rather we will talk about how it affects our daily lives, how we have started perceiving it and is it actually made to save women from atrocities or to exploit them ? . So how actually do we perceive it ? Do we think feminism is about hating men specifically or in general, or its about fighting for women’s rights like right to vote, sexuality, reproduction, wages etc

The truth is that whatever definition we take of feminism; we just have to ponder a little, what feminism has given women in the past and still giving to women in the current world. Now around half of my readers must hate me now, so just to make myself clear, I am not an anti-feminist or a women hater, In fact, quite the opposite. I respect women in every sphere of life and neither am I denying the atrocities done to women by men. How can I ? I live in India after all..!!! But the thing which strikes my attention the most is what is the need of such a specific name…? I mean isn’t it should be common sense to respect people or even anyone as a matter of fact ? Ohh no no no, you might be thinking that its common sense to me but for few men who don’t have common sense, such ideology/words are required. I have seen well educated, successful, illiterate, poets, sports people…. Even presidents doing funny business with concept of women’s rights. Do they all lack common sense  ?

Do we have a different name for rights of Older people ? Or for children ? We simply call these rights as human rights or child rights. Why the need of such a specific word like “feminism” ? Isn’t something fishy about all this ? Didn’t we learn this in school that we must respect all people and not judge them on their capabilities, looks, gender, ethnic origin, color blah blah blah….. Or do we forgot to teach our kids then and now we want to introduce this new concept in their lives.

Few days back I was watching television, all of sudden I saw an advertisement about some deodorant. The advertisement had this one guy who put this deodorant on and all of a sudden women started taking their clothes off, and by women I mean hundreds of women, which is quite a strong sample size if we talk in context of statistics. So by this add, if I infer that generally all the women (because of the strong sample size) are so dumb that I need just a deodorant to make them want me (in fact fight for me). The same case is not true with deodorants only, its true for soaps, tooth pastes, Gillette shaver, cars, bikes, pizzas, burgers, jeans and the list is endless. So what should I call it ? Is it feminism/freedom/dignity for women or simply insult  ? It doesn’t look to me like a concept to dignify women rather it doesn’t even looks like a concept to be made by women.

I should leave the answer for the readers to decide.  I would just request my readers to keep an eye on the advertisements we see on television and just ponder. Just see the number of ways media tells us to use, so we can have women. See how they degrade the face of women and put a sticker of feminism to hide it. Women are better than that and always will be. Men who want to respect women, do it anyways and they don’t need phony concepts like feminism to make their choice. On the other hand men who want to do the opposite, will simply use the cherished concept of feminism or should I say feMENism


2 thoughts on “feMENism

    • Indeed its a tool made by MEN to exploit women, Hence the name given feMENism. I have always wondered the presence of women in most of the advertisements, even Its an all exclusive men product. When selling a tooth paste they want to make sure we (men) dont smell bad to women, according to me we shouldnt smell bad to anyone:p Thanks for the comment

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