Hey folks, forget about Ragini MMS or a breathtaking item number by Sunny Leone. Today we are going to discuss a much more seductive and vibrant topic. Its Narendra Modi and his item numbers for the much awaited upcoming elections. Oh God, My head really spins when I think about this issue. There is so much to say, practically I don’t know where to start. But still let’s start from smaller things, things we found commonly in our everyday lives.

This article is not going to be about the big bulky presentations showing the histograms and pie charts of Gujarat’s fake success and prosperity. Neither its about changing your love and devotion for Mr. Modi. It’s more about perception and how it changes with time. I really at some point in time used to boast about the circle of intellectual friends I had. Both Muslims and non Muslims, But from some time it has really started hurting me, seeing the view points of my so called friends. I don’t know if these elections have given me something good, but I am still happy that at least it has unleashed the real faces of people around me. I don’t like judging and I never judge people, but still after collecting the statistical data for quite a long time, I think I have found different categories of people and also their versatile ways of showing their love towards Mr. Modi. Today, we will be discussing these categories here.

So let’s talk about the first category of people who like Mr. Modi. These people generally as seen don’t have the influence of their own. They make their choices based on what is popular among other people. For them opinions are more like fashion trends. But despite of being intellectually mute, these people are those who we find most of the times on social networking sites. They don’t have morals and values; in fact they don’t understand the meaning of the same. They have only one religion, its COPY and PASTE. But they are actually dumb people and they have innate desire to be considered as intellectual people. The facebook pages usually have different updates like “Modi Lao desh Bachao” and other updates discussing the item number by Sunny leone, candy crush scores and sad romantic Shayari. These are the same people who mistake Nelson Mandela for being a Hollywood actor and mourn his death by updating a Morgan Freeman picture.

The second category belongs to pseudo intellectuals. This is really an interesting category of people. You really need to assess them thoroughly or you might miss their fake intellectualism and mistake them for real learned people. Such people are sort of moderately hard working, as they read few things on the internet about the topic they already have a judgment about. For Example, if they like Mr. Modi and his efforts, they will open Google and selectively read the articles and data affirming the same and to prove their point to those who think otherwise. What I have consistent with such people is that their notion is driven by a religious strife. Most of the time you can see such people coming up with statements like “Its now our time” and “Jai Modi, Jai Hindutva”

The thing which I have found common among the above two categories, is the unjustifiable belief that Mr Narendra Modi is an answer for Muslim extremism and to prove it the man has done wonders in the past (2002, Gujarat). Usually, the people don’t openly discuss this reason but it’s very much obvious from the popular consensus that why they support Modi. The reason why this communal justification is not discussed openly, is plain and simple that it’s DISGUSTING. People don’t want to be considered or tagged as communal in any way, even if they are.

The third category of people is what I really respect, not for their opinion but for the research they put in before coming to a particular notion. Such people have beautiful qualities like reasoning, analyzing and the most of all, acceptance if they come in contact with a piece of information which is even against their perception.  Such category is rare but affective. Such people have their morals and values based on truth and humanity and not on people and popular perceptions. I just wish such people were more in number.

Anyways, don’t consider this article to be an attempt from my side to make you recheck your conscience. To be true, it’s not. I just want people to know that they don’t have to give lame excuses to justify their love for a murderer. Everyone knows what the reason is. So be confident and raise your voice loud enough so the nation can hear your reasons, no matter how disgusting they are.

Syed Danish


4 thoughts on “I KNOW WHY YOU LOVE MODI… DO YOU…?

  1. G Shah says:

    Thanks Danish for this insightful post. The reason is obvious. I have also started going through my friend list in some detail, getting rid of many.

    • My heart aches that how a political party is sowing seeds of hatred among the people of this country. And the saddest part is that, its working for them. Even the youth is not spared from this evil. I really dont worry about which party is going to win. the sad part is the REASON for which people are coming together to vote 😦

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