And ye shall seek gadgets, and gadgets shall make you free.




No, these are not the lines from any Biblical document. It’s something more sacred to our lives nowadays. Today’s saga is about technology and gadgets and how they have  taken over our lives. Some say in a good way and say otherwise, but still we have to respect the size of impact. Few months back I went to some of my relatives, in fact a cousin sister. She is happily married with a loving husband and two adorable kids. As I went to their home, I was expecting it to be an old fashion get-together with me entering the door and the kids running to hug their loving uncle, dangling all around my neck and going crazy to open the chocolates and comics I brought for them. Sadly, the scenario was not quite warm as per my perception.

Door being open, I entered the house, for a second, I got a feeling that no one was home. Strange thoughts started coming to my mind to justify the horrifying silence in the house. Kids getting hurt and they have to run to hospital, my sister has poisoned the family after finding their lives to be pointless or all being served by a serial killer. Anyways, none was true as the silence was broken by some faint noises from the living room. I moved towards the living room and found two kids playing play station with their head phones on, a fat seven year old girl and fatter ten year old boy, yup they were my sisters. To my relief at least two members of the family were not dead. I reached closer to the kids, standing at an angle from which they can surely see me from the corner of their eye and then can go crazy to see their favorite uncle, but all in vain. Their eyes were totally tunneled into the television, and I was looking like an ass.

I was saved from this embarrassment by my sister and her husband who came there from behind. We started with quite a normal conventional conversation as they asked about me and my parents, and me about theirs. The discussion then came to their kids and as any mother, she started telling about the achievements and how well they were doing at school and all. After a while she asked both of her kids to leave the game and say hello to me. The look on the kids face was not that happy as they looked towards me and have to leave their interesting game in between. Anyways they came and said hello to me in dead tone. I was sure I was not their favorite person at that moment. To mend our ties I started the conversation with the boy about the game he was playing. This conversation got his attention and he started telling me about all the DVDs and different sorts of game he had. To be a part of the conversation I also started chatting about some of the games from my time, like super Mario and Contra. Listening to this, his face filled up with disgust as he was sure now that I knew nothing about the new gaming world. With the same constant loathing, he handed me a DVD with Tekken 5 written over it. “It’s the new stuff” he said. I was being educated as he told me that people don’t even talk about super Mario or Contra any more. He also told me about a new game called GTA, in which the hero basically steal peoples cars on gun point and even kills them as per need. For some strange reason this was also his favorite game.

I was feeling quite cornered and so I tried to change the topic by asking about some of things I was good at, like outdoor games and stuff. I asked him “Do you like football  ?”. He shook his head in affirmation and handed me a DVD of FIFA 12 , another game of play station. I said “No, I mean the real football”. Again with a sickened look he said “Its so real… Have you seen the graphics  ?” Now I have got my answer and also the reason for his not so athletic body. During this whole time the 7 year old girl was watching some sort of Chinese cartoon called Doremon, which was not funny at all. The belly of the main character of the cartoon was same size as his head, which was quite scary. The other characters too were sharp, edgy and annoying, but she was totally in heaven watching them. I spent my rest of the evening talking with the parents as the children left for games again. My sister told me that the kids don’t play any outdoor games and in fact they get ill if they play outside house. Both have weak eye sight as they spend most the time in video games. My heart was heavy with sadness as I left the home after dinner. I was thinking about the kids and the way they are living their lives.

Sometimes we think that all these technologies and gadgets we gather in our home are going to make our lives easier, but what I saw was quite an opposite scene. We have filled our lives with computers, ipods/ipads, playstations, mobiles and what not, that we have stop living life itself. The sad part is that we are doing same with the coming generation. Friends, next time if you are being called to a kids birthday party, don’t give a play station or iphone/Nintendo or other crap like that. Give something real, so that it may help the child in becoming social in a true way.

Syed Danish


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