You are not a concerned friend, you are bloody rude…


Few days back, at my workplace I saw people joking about each others wives by saying some offensive things but in a cute humorous way. I could clearly see that the guy receiving the jokes was not comfortable at all, but he has to play along as it’s the new “IN THING” or else he was not cool enough. I don’t now, but nowadays it is becoming quite a fashionable thing to say whatever people like no matter how rude and hurtful it is and then patch it up by saying that they were just being true/funny. The only true thing about this pathetic lie is that it has nothing to do with truth or the so called reality check by these concerned friends. Hurting feelings, is the new in thing. It’s a bloody dance on the corpse of mannerism. People just don’t give damn about what they are saying, to whom they are saying and where they are saying it. It doesn’t matter to them if its about your looks, your belief, your religion or even your relatives. There is always a pathetic joke waiting for the situation. I am not saying people should lie or hide giving a reality check where it’s required, but still, there are ways of saying things and also there are limits to which one can go.

The truth is that such truth mongers are not your concerned friends who really wants to give you a reality check. They are just rude and frustrated people who by this sarcasm get a certain “high” which they immensely enjoy. Sometimes, they confuse you by saying that such reality check is required because one should face the truth, but it’s a blatant lie.. Lets for a while imagine a day where you are going to say 100% truth, no matter how harsh or rude it sounds and see if this so called truth telling philosophy can stand this trial.

Here I am putting a married, job doing guy as a subject, as most of my readers are. Let’s begin with the morning tea/coffee and breakfast. As you take the very first sip of your tea or coffee, you tell your wife that the tea is pathetic and even the eggs are overcooked and right in front of her threw the breakfast in the dustbin, which will perfectly ruin her day. Before leaving the home you went to say bye to your mom and dad as per the dumb ritual. Your mom had something in mind to tell you, which she has just forgotten and is trying to remember as you are getting late. So you clearly mention to them that they are old and its natural to go nuts in this age, you requested them not to waste your time as anyway whatever they are going to say must be unimportant. Leaving the door you kissed your wife and told her that her breath has garlic on it and from now on you are dropping the idea of kissing her every morning as you leave. Happily smiling you left the house. On the way your old neighbor waved at you to whom you loudly replied that you don’t give a shit and Anyways, why on earth he is still alive, he should have been dead by the third stroke he had last year.

While waiting for the bus, a beggar came towards you asking for some money. You told the beggar that you have the money, but you don’t want to give it to him. You even took out a coin from your pocket and threw that in a pond near you, just to prove your point. As you’re about to get on your bus you kicked the beggars crutches because you always thought his legs were totally fine and waved back at him with a grin as he cursed you. You reached your office and didn’t reply to anyone who greeted you. Straight you went into your boss’s office and told him that you are not being paid enough and you don’t like his face too. You think he is fat and eats during working hours, you also mentioned that he should not be the boss as he doesn’t deserve it, his jokes too are totally bland and you have to laugh at them just because of his authority. As you reached your desk, you open your computer and updated your status on Facebook that your office mate are dumb and they don’t even know that you play games and do Facebook all day long. You somehow passed your time till the evening and started clearing your desk as you must be fired by now. Just before leaving office you mailed your candy crush high score to all your office members, including your boss, you also gave a separate mail to the HR lady telling her that she is fat and ugly and must stop using cheap perfumes as they were not helping.

Finally, you came home and told your wife that you have left the job and have no idea what will happen now. Totally ignoring the questions of other house members you took some ice cream from the fridge and start watching cricket match and also asked your wife to serve dinner right there in the living room and she can eat with your parents.

Hmm…. Now I don’t even want to think that how much you will lose in a single day, if you act like this, and if the so called truth telling philosophy is put to trial on this particular typical day test, it will surely fall on its face. Truth telling is nice, but don’t forget to have some manners and don’t discuss things which are too personal to people. So next time if your so called concerned friend is trying to give you a reality check… ask him to roll his concern nicely and shove it up…..

Syed Danish




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