Don’t die, it’s not the worst


It’s really disheartening to see how many people in the world are suffering from depression these days. It’s a really hot disorder which made an entry quite sensationally in the last few years. According to the psychiatrists (who are making a fortune out of it) the symptoms of the disorder are so vague sometimes that the person having it doesn’t even know about it. As per the stats, depression mostly affects youth. Economically speaking, high socio economic strata are the common victim of this disorder. Sometimes I wonder where it came from, as it’s not caused by a finite entity like a bacteria or virus. No cases are reported that a depressed person coughed or sneezed on a person and made him/her depressed too. Worldwide depression accounts for around 350 million cases, according to WHO, around 1 million people commit suicide every year, around 3000 deaths every day. Almost 1 million lives are lost yearly due to suicide, which translates to 3000 suicide deaths every day.

I am not here to tell that depression is a myth, because it’s not. Scientifically proven it’s a disorder which has affected people globally, and I really feel sorry about that.  Here I want to talk about sudden rash decisions taken by young people due to some petty loses. A little while back, I was reading about the increasing number of suicide rates among young people. Newspapers are full of news about how a high school girl kills herself due to bad grades or a college going boy hangs him as the girl he was in love with said no to his proposal. The doctors make a simple diagnosis that these people were going through depression and hence committed suicide. Obviously it’s simple to give the problem a name and run away from the whole thing. With all due respect to the differential diagnoses made by doctors and medical science, the thing which I have seen common among people committing suicides or going into severe depression is that they don’t expect bad things will ever happen to them. I personally think that people nowadays have a high standard of living and hence they never expect anything dreadful will ever happen to them. They live in a bubble which they think will never burst. Being positive is a very good thing but I think people are not prepared for the worst of conditions. Parenting plays a big part in it, as these care takers make their children believe that nothing bad will ever touch them and these parents are there to make sure of that.

I am just pissed of sometimes that why people don’t expect worse things to happen to them. I mean who give them this assurance of a blissful life. Presidents die, celebrities get cancers, planes crash, and all sort of bad things happen to people every day. I mean just think that what is a probability of a president getting shot in comparison to Nina not getting good grades….!!!! Can we even compare that  ? But still people are taken by total surprise by the smallest of the bad things happening. These are some random stats of dreadful things happening to people globally:

  • 3,500 people die every day in traffic-related incidents and 50 million are injured every year on the world’s roads.
  • Cardiovascular diseases killed nearly 17 million people in a year
  • Every 20 minutes a women is raped in India… just India, think about global ?
  • 1 million people killed by tuberculosis  in a year
  • Non Communicable disease kill 36 million people in a year
  • Tobacco use kill 1 in 10 adults worldwide
  • 280000 maternal deaths due to pregnancy related problems in a year
  • 6.9 million children die before seeing their 5th birthday
  • The sad part is that I can still go on……

The above data is taken from WHO, so chill, it’s true. So now seeing the number of people losing their lives every day/every year, what do you think, how bad is the rejection of your stinky proposal by your cute classmate.  Please be realistic and while you are striving for good things to happen to you, also expect bad things. 

By Syed Danish


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