Let’s do some more worthless research


It is so astonishing when we look at most of the early philosophies, whether of development of civilization, development of humans as individuals or social creatures, we will find them to be similar in one way or the other. It’s so sad that so much of time, money and valuable thoughts were wasted on proving worthless conclusions. It’s hard to imagine that these so called scholars really put so much effort in their theories to prove phenomena totally identical and at the same time useless too.

For example let’s talk about Hegel’s theory for development of civilizations. In the theory, the noble scholar is trying to prove that every civilization goes through a process of filtration. In this process, the weaknesses and defects of a civilization are left behind and people move towards stronger and better civilizations. Put in simpler words, we can say that, civilizations keep on updating, so, if we 50 years back was civilization 1.0, then now its civilization 2.0. Through the test of times of our “So rightful history” Mr. Hegel proved that a past civilization only forwards stronger traits to the next civilization. I wonder if my NCERT history books which call Indian civilization to be the oldest can claim the same as Mr. Hegel has claimed… ooopps, let’s not talk about it.

Next Noble theory which can be analyzed here is one of the most popular theories of all times, breaking records of batman or Christopher Nolen or both put together. The theory is called Darwin’s theory of Evolution of species. Here the smart guy says that whole of the universe is a bloody battle field where stronger mortals are always going crazy to kill the weaker ones. So if you can’t struggle for survival, you are a dead man. The weaklings have no right to survive, whatsoever. It seems like Mr. Darwin dug a hole in a ground and buried all concepts like love, sacrifice, sympathy, cooperation, mercy, justice etc. Not only he personally nullified the above traits but also gave a scientific justification for his bloody theory. So now Strong can kill the weak and they can a scientific justification too… wow, good work sir.

The stupidity till now was not enough so people faced another noble theory by Mr. Marx. This new concept was regarding Marx’s concept of historical materialism. Here he proved that man is a creature who is meant for quarrelling and fighting only. Its in mans nature that he fights fellow men, until his needs and interests are satisfied. Humans basically are selfish and hence we see the divide in the forms of sects and, classes and cults. So it’s quite a natural phenomena and nothing can be done. In fact according to him, not participating in such a fight is quite unnatural.

So coming to the conclusion of all the 3 theories, Hegel put the world as a war zone of thought, Darwin put the same in context of nature and finally Marx garnished it with similar spices. I just wish people in those times had a photocopier so as to repeat the same thought again and again without wasting so much money and time.

Isnt this all amazing that what lengths men can go, just to prove the absence of god and life after death. To me it looks like the only reason. Amazing is also what these theories have given to this world. The gift of bloodshed, war and corruption are the only offering which comes to my mind when I think about these idiotic ideas. If you can just apply this article to your life in any way possible, then just stop doing pointless studies and research 😦

Syed Danish


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