Hypocrites in Love

hypocriteSocial media is the word nowadays. The most popular product in the history of media. If you are not on Facebook or twitter, you are not smart enough to be friends with people. In this new race of intellectualism, no one wants to be left out. This a battle ground with no rules, you like it, you say it. To hell with people’s feelings and inclinations. The variety of topics are astonishing with “bharat mata ki jai” to Sunny leone. From cricket to politics or politics in crickets, a one stop shop for hateful sports and funny journalism.

People have found a new low on these sites as they are not there just to hail some friend on his birthday or appreciating someone’s promotion. The sole yearning of these intellectuals is to shatter their own previous standards/ records of hypocrisy by new ones. The game has evolved to an all new level with people having mutual admiration for each other’s hypocrisy. For e.g. X and Y both are ass holes in real life but they can be saints on Facebook. The noble part is that X and Y know each other in real life and also how pathetic they are, but still they admire each other’s fake ideologies on social media. So you see mutual respect for hypocrisy.

We have started appreciating people not on their individual merits but the quality of mockery they can produce with their post. People have even picked departments to spread this crap.  Some have religious leanings while some relish politics. Some consider themselves nationalist by posting reckless slogans while some think they are too intellectual to be umpired by these nationalists. The Einsteins and Pacinos of this market are celebrities with their own pages. Their long standing virtuous track record for sarcasm has attracted myriad of devotees. Now you just need to like their page and you will receive their daily fresh dose of sarcasm without probing. The whole idea behind this fish market folly is to ridicule the challengers thought, to disrespect his/her ideas and finally make him/her to surrender, apparently.   The social media platform has started to look like a bazaar where philosophies are products and people are salesmen, hard-working salesmen….

The country, the people have become desperate. Desperate to seek attention. The struggle on such social media sites reduced people to a profile pic or a dumb joke, they are sharing. You don’t matter if your post has no likes or your profile pic don’t appeal people. It’s a disease with no vaccination, a sickness with no cure. You are sick and so am I….  🙂


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